Coffee Sleeves



Reusable coffee sleeves are a fun way to go green, eco-friendly for your coffee/tea on-the-go, a great alternative to all those cardboard sleeves. Just tell your barista that you have your own sleeve when you place your order. Easy to keep in your purse, bag, tote, backpack, computer case, tablet case, even in the car. Can be used over and over again.

My coffee sleeves are made from 100% quilter’s quality cotton & batting. They are a striped patchwork design. They all have a beautiful lining fabric.

Elastic tie and button closure sleeves make them adjustable for multiple cup sizes. Buttons are up-cycled.

Velcro sleeves are reversible.

Great gift idea, could be paired with a gift card to someone’s favorite coffee shop.

They are reusable and washable.
Machine washable but I recommend hand wash and air dry.

Fun prints for everyone available now in my Etsy shop.

coffee sleeve


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