20 Years, Still in Love


Today marks my 20th wedding anniversary. It is a bit surreal and yet quite substantial, tangible. It does not have so much to do with a reminder of age either. Although, my anniversary falls between the birthdays of one child’s becoming a teenager (13 years old) and the other a young adult (18 years old). It is quite a milestone to be in a committed relationship with the same person for so long.

Of course, there have been the ups and downs as usual with all marriages. Currently it is ups. And really, not to sound too rosy, but hoping and believing it will stay that way.

The funny thing is that because it is mid-week we lead our day through the normal routines. A nice dinner this evening and time together just the two of us. We made no huge plans nor have we bought any gifts. We are still a unit and still married and still friends. We respect and support each other. We have learned to give one another space to be ourselves and yet take an interest in each other’s activities, hobbies, and whatnot. So, to that I salute and celebrate. And that is really gift enough.

Here are a handful of photos. The first one is our wedding photo October 23, 1993. We most definitely look like babies, don’t we? And I’ve since had my teeth fixed, put on some weight and some muscle, gotten tattoos, had two kids, etc.


We still go to concerts and act silly. The first 2 pics are Muse (February 2013) concert, the next pic is Maroon 5 (March 2013) concert.

muse concert     muse concert


We love going to the beach together. In fact, the first time we met (February 1992) we went to the beach together. This next pic is 21+ years later, same beaches.

beach kiss

On that note…a Valentine kiss.

w hotel valentine


Here’s to long love…



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