Painted Clothing


Zombie Costume

With Halloween just around the corner I wanted to share the Zombie costume I painted for my daughter last year (Halloween 2012). We up-cycled a pair of worn out jeans that were ready for the scrap bin and a men’s black undershirt. Instead of buying “Halloween” costume makeup, I used real makeup that I already had on hand. When layered, blended, and applied correctly we achieved a really great Zombie effect. It came out really well. One of the best in the neighborhood all night; if I do say so myself.   😉

photo 4-138

I used wall art stencils and metallic acrylic paints to make the pink tee shirt above. When I wore it people would stop me all the time and ask where I got it. They could not believe it was hand painted. This was a first time attempt back in 2010 in which I learned quite a bit.

photo 3-146

Here is another tee shirt that I used stencils and acrylics on. I made this for my daughter who loves music. It is meant to convey the energy we feel in music. At the time she liked Justin Bieber, so in the little heart on the pocket are his initials. (2011)

photo 1-149

This last shirt was for my daughter’s very special 10th birthday which fell on 10/10/10. Three years later this is still one of her favorites. She says she will save it forever because it meant so much to her that I would take the time to create it for her. ❤

Painting one of a kind tee shirts is one of my favorite arts. Most of the time I plan out what I will create and paint, other times I lay out a shirt, pull out some colors, and start to “draw”.

I currently have 5 tee shirts and 2 tank tops for sale at Siren Song Arts on Etsy.

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~ Erin


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